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In the morning wake up hours; I seek peace, for each of us. I look towards the sky, and its gray hues with wonder of what’s beyond. I look for what is beyond you and me, what lies below the surface of our mind, our doing-ness, our fears. In both places I see the face of love, just love me she says, except me, he pleads.  “Forgive” us they beg, as they reach towards to heavens in awe and reverence. Let us touch the face of joy, let us feel that place beyond this world, just for an instant, let us hang onto just a fragment of the great I AM.  And there, like a blessed answered prayer, we find that place.. it was only dusty, covered in the yuck of life….it was there all the time, it never left.  Right there in a unique place called “my heart”. What a beautiful wonder to connect once again to that source within! I see you have taken a moment to connect too.. wonderful.


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Here I am, still trying to unravel the days of my life.  It seems sometimes to be a futile cause.  One moment I’m ok, the next I’m a mess.  Wish I has a switch to flip.. a toggle of some kind.  I’d love to be able to turn it off.

Been going to UNITY the past few Sundays. Can’t make myself call it church. It’s a place of love, compassion, nonjudgment and reassuaance of your ok-ness.  I find it feeds my spirit, feeds my need to find my way back home to the source that lies within me. Church was  never like that for me.

Finding my way back home…humm… now there is a satement of knowing.  By  knowing that I have to find my way back home, that tells me I’ve been lost.  Lost is a sea of emotion, floundering in the depths of uncertainty. Grasping to the side of a mountain, holding on yet losing my grip….hell… lost my grip.

It’s time to climb to the top… seek that place of respite . Find a plateau of grasses and mystical creatures. A place I create in my soul, a place of quiet connection to Source and peace. Wish we had mountains in Michigan.  Peace all.

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