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As Autumn leaves begin to fall my mind begins to clear. I find myself in a space and time of reflection, of love, of joy and purpose.

The hot summer months have rolled slowly by as I have re-grouped and refreshed myself… my spirit. Long days of contemplation, pain, agony, uncertainty and bewilderment are almost gone. And NOW; I’m beginning to feel that old friend of refreshment. Seeking the “light” once again, and it feels wonderful!
Today, I will tread the waters of love and compassion. I will share with the world the joy that comes with peace; I will enhance my heart with loving others.
I will allow those that want to love me to love me. I will gratefully accept the gifts of friendship and relationship. Today will be filled with the simple joys of giving…… giving a little to help a little.
As I look around I see love in the eyes of the lonely as well as love the action of those that choose to love unconditionally.
I see people sharing a cigarette or a light with someone because that is all they want. I see food being shared, I see love being expressed, I see the “oneness” of us all.
I feel the breath of life in all that is good and wonderful. I see me, walking my journey of life, knowing full well that this is not the end, that this is only a brief journey of the life of my soul; your and mine.


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