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I'm a 60-year-old women still floundering her way through life. You would think by now it would be somewhat easy.. NOT. You’d think I would be finally be getting it!? Notta.. I still cry like a little girl, love like a teenager and speak my mind when it might be better that I shut up. And I find many answers don’t come easy. I long for peace and joy in the empty times, but rejoice in the happy ones. I’m just like you I would suppose.. just living, making my way the best I can, seeking the joy in ALL things. I believe our SOULS GROWTH is the reason we are here on planet earth, and that is the reason we go through the shit we go through. I love my work (Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, EFT coach and more). Although I hate to even call it “work”. Work seems such a harsh word. I love to write and I love public speaking. I love my dog Zeus (a mini Dachshund) and my lovely gray cat; Shadow (who was a rescue many years ago). I live in a humble but lovely apartment in a beautiful old Victorian house. My city/home was built on the automotive industry and, like many, is trying to die. But within the gray concrete walls of my city lies the most amazing and wonderful people I have ever met.. and isn’t that really the heart of a city? Many many friends bless me in my life, as well as a family anyone would be proud of. My life is filled with abundance and happiness. So much I am grateful for, too numerous to list here. Why Blog? I guess it helps me give the crazies in my head a voice; it helps me unravel the shit and gives me a place of respite. It’s nice to know someone somewhere is reading, listening, even if they don’t respond. Not sure why, but that makes me feel good. Maybe it’s ego? I don’t know. I have found several blogs I truly enjoy reading; I guess because they seem to be of the same spirit as mine. They help me feel not so crazy I guess J.

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