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As Autumn leaves begin to fall my mind begins to clear. I find myself in a space and time of reflection, of love, of joy and purpose.

The hot summer months have rolled slowly by as I have re-grouped and refreshed myself… my spirit. Long days of contemplation, pain, agony, uncertainty and bewilderment are almost gone. And NOW; I’m beginning to feel that old friend of refreshment. Seeking the “light” once again, and it feels wonderful!
Today, I will tread the waters of love and compassion. I will share with the world the joy that comes with peace; I will enhance my heart with loving others.
I will allow those that want to love me to love me. I will gratefully accept the gifts of friendship and relationship. Today will be filled with the simple joys of giving…… giving a little to help a little.
As I look around I see love in the eyes of the lonely as well as love the action of those that choose to love unconditionally.
I see people sharing a cigarette or a light with someone because that is all they want. I see food being shared, I see love being expressed, I see the “oneness” of us all.
I feel the breath of life in all that is good and wonderful. I see me, walking my journey of life, knowing full well that this is not the end, that this is only a brief journey of the life of my soul; your and mine.


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Thank you for each of you that have taken the time to read my writings,  and an extra thank you to those of  you that have decided to “follow’ me. It is a privileged and an honor to have you along my side.  I will do my best to move forward and upward (so to speak 🙂 ). Thank you from deep within my spirit! 🙂

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The bright morning sun falls quietly in my kitchen window as I sit here and contemplate the nature of this day.  I’m not sure what I’m feeling right now.

My Doxie sits enjoying the morning sun also, he looks more peaceful than I right now.  Just resting, being in the now.   New age music plays softly in the background, enjoying my second cup of cappuccino and searching.  Yet I don’t really know what I’m searching for.  Sunday mornings are “different” for me.  In my mind it’s a time of togetherness.  A time to sit with someone you love, drinking your beverage of the morning, talking, laughing, saying “good morning, I love you”.  A quiet yet connecting time, a special time designed for just you and your chosen love.  A time of no rushing, not having to be somewhere, no objectives to meet, no goals to concur. Just a few moments of peace, quiet and love.

Yet here I sit, as I do many Sunday mornings, trying to figure out how to just “be” or how to “do” something to fill this empty void of nothingness. You would think by my age I would be able to be just happy with me.. notta.  So, in the morning glow of sunshine, I sit and try to un-scramble this thing called “my life”.

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Here we go…..

I hope for this to be an exciting adventure for all of us.  My spelling isn’t the best, my grammar is worse, but this is me.  My sacred intention is;  “That we love one another through the ups and downs. That we enjoy this path for all it’s worth. That peace abounds with each step we take and that in the end we know more and more about who we are and why we’re here”.  Namaste

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Why am I here?

I wish for this to be a sacred blessing to all whom read it.  I want others that are scared, discouraged or feel like they are failing in their spiritual journey to feel OK. To know that we are all just a human beings, walking this earthly experience doing the best we can. Working our way through life with all of our ups and downs as well as the good the bad and the ugly.  I want to share with others that we “all” go through mountains and valleys even if we don’t talk about it. That re-doing our old ways of thinking is hard. It’s an everyday battle to walk consciously in the way we think and feel.  But in the end, it’s “right” to be whoever we are. To know in the end we are all the same, with all of the traits that come with being human. The spiritual journey is sometimes so easy, and others so frustrating. But as long as we keep walking… we are good. I want to give the voices in my head, my heart and my soul a voice. I need a listening ear. I enjoy the sense of community and like-mindedness. Maybe this will help all of us unravel the cobwebs in all of our heads.

I will share with you my inner spirit of love, compassion and joy. I will also share with you my fears, my frustrations and my emptiness.  I will do my best to hold your hand so you know that you are not alone on your path… I there with you also. I will cuss, swear and bless as I describe my inner spirit. I will cry with you, laugh with you and think with you. I will be as real as I can be.  I will, in the end do my best to show you that there is love for all of us no matter what. That our life truly is a magical journey. 

 I hope you will be able to resonate with my words, my thoughts and my spirit.  I send out the prayer (to set a sacred intention) that this blog blesses you and me as I enter this new endeavor.  Love and joy to you all! Namaste.












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