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I feel so irritated at this whole case.  One media says one thing, the other another.  We try to filter but the tools we have are often misdirected, callused, self-serving and politically motivated. How the hell are we supposed to know WHO to believe?! I’m now hearing “other stories” and it pisses me off.  Why can we not depend on mainstream media to do their jobs truthfully and with fair balance?  (Damn…. It just keeps pissing me off more and more as I think and write.)  I have felt the pain too of what happened to Trayvon…. Sent love and compassion to the family as well as the family of the “murderer”.  My heart goes out to all of those around all of our cities that loose loved ones to needless violence, & gang killings.  When will love and gentleness abound?  When will all of mankind understand that hate begets hate, pain begets pain and that sadness and bewilderment spreads through our lives like angry waves?  My heart is saddened by all of this.. my heart is angered by the fact that we can’t be sure we get the truth and that the misleading steer us in mass thinking and more pain. 

The changes will come, soon we will focus on the good, the heartfelt selfless love that comes from deep within our spirits.  We must be the change we want to see… I think I shall be about MY business of changing the world. Little by little.


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